Sunday, January 2, 2011

100% Twisted Challenge!

This will be a personal challenge of mine (but all are welcome :)) I have decided after retwisting my hair today, that I am gonna try a low manipulations routine. I’m sure I can find a way to wash my hair while twisted and hopefully not experience too much tangling. Heres my plan:

-Keep hair in two strand twist for 1 month at a time. I will retwist on the same hair every 2 weeks or as needed.
-I plan on washing my hair while twisted. I will braid it in sections and just lightly massage my scalp, I will leave the braids in until my hair dries and retwist/detangle after a couple days of moisturizing
-I will be moisturizing my hair daily or as needed with African Best Herbal Oil and Cantu Shea butter. I recently did this on two week old twist and it worked wonders~
-finally, i will try to keep my hair pinned up. I style my twist just about everyday. SMH,mainly because I like to play in my hair lol

I thought of this challenge after retwisting 2 week old twist. The day before I retwisted I moistened my hair with a conditioner/oil/water mix, added some shea butter and a little more oil and then started retwisting. My hair was so soft and virtually tangle free! I retwisted my whole head over two days, just doing small sections when I felt like it lol. I have been thinking a lot of “keeping it simple” , going back to basics and about people with locs. The folks with locs have such amazing growth because they arent fussing with their hair every week. (i guess :)) I also have been thinking to the good old days when, my mom did my hair as a kid. It was usaully washed/braided every two weeks or so, and my hair was heading down my back (until I begged her for a perm smh) Anyways, I am convinced that if i just leave my hair alone for a few months, I will see some growth :)

I hope that I can retain some length and actually see some growth from this. I am aiming to keep this routine up until March! Wish me luck and/or join me if you like!

Heres a pic of my retwisted hair! My hair hasnt been washed in 2 weeks now, but its not dirty. it soft, moisturized, and smells good!Photoon2011-01-02at20.502-2011-01-2-20-54.jpg

If anyone is interested in joining, please just say so in a reply. I will start a thread on the Challenge Section. I will also have a tag for this on my blog, and you guys can follow through blogger. the link to my blog is my siggy :)


deanna said...

I absolutly love this challenge because I have a serious case of hands in hair, but I've started twisting my hair-I'm a wash n go queen- and I don't think my twists are good enough to wear for two weeks or outside for that matter. Good luck on your challenge and hopefully once I get better at twists I can start my own.

KinkyNappyHappy said...

glad to see you have this on your blog now; we can keep connected through you blog. Your twists are beautiful!!!!

KinkyNappyHappy said...

Love your twists....I'm glad I can keep track through your blog. I'm at the end of week 6!! Good Luck!!!

thetiffany said...

thanks ladies! Deanna I see your twist, they def are wearable :)

KNH- thanks!yes i finally got around to it lol. im excited and this should be pretty easy for me because i love twist!

Shanita said...

Cool! I'm still a slave to the chemicals but I'm hoping my hair will grow out soon without me having to cut it. Good luck on the challenge!

Cantu said...

We love this Challenge and fully support you on your journey! Find us on Facebook at and we will post your updates on how its going. Good luck!

Coily Mystic said...

cute twist


JenellyBean said...

Good Luck sis!