Sunday, January 16, 2011

2nd trim

so I gave in... I had to wash my hair, it was so dry and lifeless. I carefully detangled my whole head while taking the twist out, then i wet my hair and "dry" detangled before I washed it. I lost a lot of hair detangling, but I expected this being as though i didnt wash and detangle in almost a month. I also trimmed my hair, I am getting so sick of those stringy heat damaged ends! Right now, my hair is in large twist. I will retwist tommorow after it dries overnight. I plan on using my shea moisture curl smoothie. Im changing my challenge up a little, but still will stick to it. I also need to do another length check because i trimmed at least an inch off in the front. I went from hair well past my chin, now only to my lips :(

ok, be back tommorow or in the next few days with pics of my twist!

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