Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bun or Twist

yesterday I did a bun when i took out my twist. it was lovely, my only issue was with the goody band i used. it was so tight, gave me a headache and i could feel my hair being pulled :( I want to redo it, since I washed my hair last night, but I am torn. I know its gonna feel tight so that makes me not want to do it. I really want to put some small twist in my hair, but I am afraid that I will have to take them out in 2 weeks. My hair has just been so dry lately, I guees I should consider deep conditioning lol. Anyways, last night I washed my hair with my sample size of giovanni smooth as silk shampoo (i think thats what it was), it got my hair squeaky clean (literally lol) i didnt like the way it made the back of my hair feel, it felt very stripped and knotted. After washing  I detangle with HE hello hydration and my tangle teezer :), rinses the conditioner out in large twist and then applied healthy amounts of giovanni direct leave in and ABherbal oil. My plan was to have my hair as soft as posiible for whatwver style I would do today. However, my hair kinda feels the same.

Well, I am not sure how I will style my hair for the day. But, I gotta get started on something. Heres yesterdays bun :)

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