Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tangle Teezer, Contest, New Naturals, Denman Brush,Twist Update!

This will be along post, so it will be broken down into sections :)

Hair Update- Currently, my hair is large twist. I havent washed my hair in almost 3 weeks. I did the twist after taking my smaller twit out, wore a twist out for two days then used my denman to detange and then eventually retwsted my hair. nothing special really,but its been a good style for the past few days where I havent felt like doing my hairIMAG6747-2011-02-24-20-30.jpg

This is my shortly lived twistoutIMAG6581-2011-02-24-20-30.jpg

Tangle Teezer- after seeing NaturalChica’s demo of the tangle teezer, I had to get one. I ordered it from Sallys and it came today! I will be using it this weekend :)

Contest- I won my first contest! It was held by mommmyg05 on youtube. I am a 3rd place winner, but a win is a win! I also entered Naptural85s recent contest and am keeping my fingers crossed for that one

New Naturals- Include my sister, Tiffany who did a BC a day after watching youtube :) and my friend Lakeya is thinking about joining.

Denman Brush- I used twice since I bought it a few weeks ago. I have nothing negative to say. I will not be using a comb to detangle anymore lol. That denman was like magic, I can only imagine what the tangle teezer will be like.

ok, all for now, I am exhausted :(

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