Friday, February 18, 2011

twist challenge update

So after a brief lapse in the challenge, I got myself together again and came back to my twist. These were done on hair that was dries overnight in larger twist. I didst use any product to twist, the only thing in my hair was giovanni direct leave in. I was shocked that the twist held so well. For washing, I shampooed with my pantene then detangled with herbal essence. I also used the denman brush I recently purchased to further detangle I guess? I really wanted a tangle teezer but couldn't find it anywhere:(

Anyways, for the challenge I have learned that ny hair needs to be washed and detangled fully at least every two weeks. I notice if I leave twist in longer they become lifeless, dry, and kinda matted. I am still working on a good mix for a daily spritz.

In other news, my sister had finally really decided to be natural. While in the poconos I convinced her to let me twist her hair. She wears a half wig over it but I will take what I can get, lol. She actually says she likes playing with her twist and she's thinking about cutting her permed ends off. My friend tiffany is also thinking about being natural. I spent the day introducing her to curlynikki, naptural85, nikkimae, and kimmaytubes. Needless to say their hair alone made her want to be natural.

Tis all for now :)
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