Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Im a "Dance Mom"!

SO after visiting the open house at I felt comfortable signing Ava up. We met the owner/director who will also be Ava’s teacher. SHe seemed very nice and informative. Ava  will have dance once a week! I cant wait, the school also has a lot of activities and parties throughout the year. The teacher Ms. J said “we are a very social group” When she said that in my head im like “oh no”! I am not social at all, lol but I have to change my evil ways. lol I had to participate in a lot of activities at Ava’s preschool so I should be used to it. Now, my biggest concern was that there would be all white ppl, and that was all I seen yesterday, but oh well. THey seemed ok and the teacher was nice. I have to give it a chance because Ava was so excited and we both felt comfortable. It would be really racist not to send her just because they were all white. Besides, I didn’t see the entire school. They are a pretty busy school with many classes so I may be surprised. Also, there may be tons of mothers who feel the same as me and someone has to break the ice. Ava and I will happily be the “welcoming committee” lol. I am debating whether or not to go out shopping for her costume today. I really want to get it now, but it could wait till saturday since We will all end up at the mall then.cute_ballerina_bear_photosculpture-p153815714924943639qdjh_400.jpg

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Shanita said...

Congrats on becoming a dance mom! I can't wait to see Ava's costume. I'm sure she'll find a way to be a "princess ballerina".