Tuesday, March 1, 2011

this weeks twist and aloe vera

I decided to twist this time around with ORS twist n lock gel. As I have stated before i have been having problems keeping my hair soft n moisterized...... on to the aloe vera

For the sake of boredom, curiosity, and the little scientist in me, I decided o extract some aloe vera gel from my plant and spritz my hair with it. I must say it felt lovely on my hands, when I put it in my hair at first it felt sticky and dry, but as I rubbed it in it began to make my hair feel really soft. I'm excited to see the results in the morning. I also twisted large sections of my hair and kinda pincurled it tonight for tonmorows style. I am hoping I will have some length and a nice curl to my twist . Oh yeah I have a video of my aloe vera extraction, will upload soon :) all for now!
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