Saturday, March 26, 2011


i am just thinking of all i got accomplised today. i am usally a huge slacker, but I did pretty good today lol heres all i did
-cut shapes for avas project
-took kids outside
-planted peas, zucchini, and yellow squash
-completed editing/uploading youtube garden video
-cooked dinner
-cleaned a closet
-completed 4.5 ceus! i now have a total of 19 only need 11 more to renew my RN licensce by 4/30
-practiced was less than a half hour though lol

this is purely for my record keeping but felt i should share. Tommorows to-do list include just about everything above in addition to laundry and re- potting a couple plants! I must say, I am extremely grateful that I found and love my new "twist-out twist" pinned hairstyle. My hair was styled on thursday and I havent taken it down. Its a nice easy, protective, style and since I dont really have to fuss with my hair I can get so much more done :)

well, kids, hubby,and cat are all sleeping. I should be up partying, but I am exhausted from doing and hour of CEUS lol

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