Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Terressentials Mud wash shampoo

I used this shampoo last night and have nothing but great things to say about it. I ordered the lavender kind in a 20oz bottle, it was $20 and $8 for shipping. When I first smelled it, I was kinda suprised. I had heard that it had a lovely smell, but I thought the smell was kinda intense, almost like a strong perfume. It didnt smell bad, it was just a strong smell lol.

I applied the shampoo to my hair that was in small two strand twist,  I put my twist in 12 braids. I must say it was kinda difficult to apply, I tried using just my hands but felt like I was wasting so much, next I used a baby sized brush. This didnt work to well either. Finally, I began dipping each braided section in the wash mixture. After I saturated each braid, I poured the remainder on my scalp and then massaged it in. To rinse it out, I just hopped in the shower and ran my head under the water.

While washing, my hair felt "minty" it felt like I had toothpaste in my hair, almost like a "cool burn" sensation. Im not sure what that was about, but I rinsed a second time because I thought I didnt rinse well. That minty sensation eased up and was gone by the morning.

Now, the best part. This stuff left my hair feeling so so soft. It felt like I pre-pooed, deep conditioned, sealed and all, lol. but is was just the shampoo. I didnt apply anything to my hair after because I wanted to see if the shampoo alone would keep my hair feeling soft and moisturized once it dried. In the morning , my hair still felt great :)

The website refers to "detoxing" your hair. I dont think I will have to because, during and after the wash my hair didnt feel sticky like the site said it may. Granted, I hadnt been using too many chemicals, so the wash didnt have much chemical/plastics to remove from my hair.

Overall this mud wash gets a 10/10! I cant keep my hands out of my hair lol. I am tempted to take my twist out and do another was tonight..... just for fun lol

anyways, heres a link to the site terressentials.com and for more reviews naptural85 of youtube has 2 videos on it

I will post a video soon of either my application or just my rambling and pics of my hair after the wash!


Earthly Reality said...

I love this mud hair wash and I do it in the shower and detangle with my fingers and my curls clump together and come alive, i also posted a review on my blog for this mud wash.

thetiffany said...

@ earthly Reality I seen your review! I would love to be able to finger detangle, but I dont think my hair is at that point yet. how long have you been using the mud wash?

LOVE said...

3-2 years on and off