Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another one

I totally apologize for the random weird post. I was trying a blogging app for my new ipad. This picture was taken the day that I got it. Jarred suprised me... sorta, lol I knew he was going to get it. He had worked nightshift the day before and the morning he got off, he came home grabbed Jk and off they went. This was great for two reasons, 1. i got my ipad and 2 i got to spend some time with ava. Ava misses the days when we could have tea parties all day and such. 
 Anyways,  my hair is in large twist from last weeks wash. I have just kept them pinned up. I am beginning to enjoy this style over smaller twist. It literally takes about 30 minutes to twist, pin them up in 2 minutes, add a cute accessory and you are done. I also like styles that show off my face. Lol that sounds vain. Heres a few more pics of the style :)

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