Thursday, May 26, 2011

My week so far

As I mentioned before, I put small twist in my hair in hopes of growing locs. I have been obsessivley researching youtube,, and bloggers with locs. I have my up n down moments about continuing. My main concern is getting through the “ugly” stage of locs and worried that with my hair being so thick, my small twist may become thick fat locs...... which I dont want. I want my locs to be about the size of a pen or smaller. I am also worried about maintence, so people say that palm-twisting (which i plan to do) doesnt last long and if you get your hair wet, all the hard work is undone..... whats a girl to do? Ive looked up “interlocking” or “latching” but I do not have that kind of time or patience for that. I do love how neat locs look that are latched, and the long lasting effect is tempting. Overall, I am at least hanging in there until next month. lol right now my hair looks great, its just regular twist. I havent done much to it at all. I didnt add any product yet as I am trying to loc. Today i placed my hair in a “sock bun”, only I used a large scrunchi and just pinned the hair as one would using a sock
IMAG2586-2011-05-26-23-34.jpg Lastly, here I am chilling in my yard. lol I was in deep thought about my “locs”. IMAG2612-2011-05-26-23-34.jpg


LaNeshe said...

I don't think the maintenance is that bad. I maintain my husbands locs, I'm not sure by what method, but I essentially use my fingers with some loc butter and twist the roots and down to the tips. It lasts well, lasted longer when I used gel vs. butter.

thetiffany said...

thanks for the advice. i plan on using shea butter, aloe vera gel, and whatever else i have in my arsenal for retwisting. I sure hope maintenece isnt too much