Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Twist are a month old now!

Between a tremendous amount of family drama/stress, gardening, and my usual day to day life, I have had no time for hair. I am so glad I out these twist in when I did and am thankful that they are lasting. For maintence:
I have been allowing them to get wet in the shower each day, then I add sweet almond oil.
I retwisted the nape area to keep them “neat looking.
I have washed them once and they held up pretty good. I am happy to report that I havent had to play with my ends to keep them curly. My hair is finally to the point where almost every twist is curling on its own just the way I like it. I have also tried a few styles which has kept my hair interesting. Enough rap, heres the pics lol


KimaniFox said...

Almost bra strap lenght how jealous am I? lol

JenellyBean said...

4 weeks!!???
How do you do it?
I love playing in my hair so much.

thetiffany said...

hey Jenelle, i like it simple so its very easy for me to wear a style for weeks. i did get my fix for playing n my hair by doing different styles