Friday, May 27, 2011

It happens to every nurse....

and today was my turn. 3 years since i have been a nurse and I had my first pt fall today :( Thank goodness the pt was ok. I would get into the story but I dont want to violate confidentialiyy. basically this BB (pt) was very drowsy and I had just checked  them out to see if BB was ready to go back to his room. sHe was drowsy, but answered my questions appropriately so I left to go requset transport and write a note. In less than 5-10 minutes I was back in the room because I seen she had come off the EKG. I found her sitting on the floor. she was ok and I went through the whole policy for falls.

Suprisngly, usually when something happens like this I feel bad and feel like it was all my fault. But in this case I really wasn't totally at fault, it was just something that happened. I am upset that one of my coworkers was standing right out side the room and walked past mulitple times then tells me after the fall "oh i seen her sitting up on the end of the bed" Im thinking why didnt you do or say something? this was the same coworker who had witnessed how drowsy BB was so she knew she had no business sitting up.

Anyways, a lesson learned :(

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