Monday, August 8, 2011


But I cant because of my stupid "injury"! Im so upset with myself, I was only running for a week really but I loved every minute of it. I was so proud of myself. I was so looking forward to each run. I want to just go out and try to run even though Im still in pain but I know that may make things worse. I have been elevating my heels, but havent explored ice or heat. Motrin has been helping a lot too, I just want this thing to heel so I can get back out there and run. Im thinking of trying so heel inserts or getting official running shoes to see if my feet feel better with that. Honestly, I hardly have any pain when I have heels on. But, barefoot walking is unbearable :( whats a girl to do?
I thought about doing yoga while im on break from running, but its not the same. I tried yoga before and its ok, but kinda boring.. It also feels good to be outside. I could take my ipad and a mat and do yoga in my backyard but that would totally creep my neighbors out, lol. It seems like it would be fun though. Theres nothing more peaceful than early morning quietness, its so peaceful. As Ava says "just the sunshine and the birds" lol on that note, Im out

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