Monday, August 29, 2011

Random thoughts

I need to discuss two things before it slips my mind.
- Today I had a beautiful family of natural haired ladies. My patient had 3 month old gorgeous locs and both her daughters were natural. mY patient started our little hair convo by asking about my hair. Her face lit up when I told her I was locing. I felt the same and we had a nice little hair talk, made my day lol
- I want to enroll Ava in a dance school. I spent a few hours yesterday researching schools via the web and became very annoyed. Most schools dont represent themselves well at ALL on the web!  I at first wanted to send her to PHILADANCO, a historic well know dance school in philly. I however was turned off by their website as it want very informative, didnt have a email contact person, and wasnt hosting any type of open house. It was just like fill out the app, pay the fees and?????? Most other schools were much smaller, but at least had ok websites. The school I will be going to tomorrow (open house) is in my neighborhood, a few towns over. I thought the website was informative and emailed the director for more info, she got right back to me and invited me for an added open house that hadnt been listed on the site yet. I am very excited for this school because I stalked their facebook page and the parents just seem to love it. My only concern is that its very much predominately white. I dont want my child to be the token black kid. I dont want her to look around and wonder why she doesnt look like everyone else. I know I cant pick the class, and if there arent many kids of color enrolled then there isnt anything I can do. I guess im the one with the issue and thats ok, I want Ava to see the world as it is and its not all white. Im sure she doesnt think like this lol. Anyways, part of my wants to send her regardless, at least to get a feel, because most importanly she wants to dance. She would not care if it were all white kids, black, chinese whatever. I guess as long as the are nice and respect eveyrone, we shouldnt have any problems. Maybe Im just tripping......


LaNeshe said...

I didn't know you were in Philly! A contact at Philadanco is Miss Joan Meyers Brown,

Shanita said...

I don't think your trippin'. In fact, you sound a lot like someone else I know.(LOL) I understand your point of not wanting her to feel "out of place". That's a valid concern but she's used to being around multiracial people so I'm sure she probably won't even notice. I doubt the school needs a "token black child". They could easily get one or as many of those they needed by making it seem like they are giving under privileged kids a chance or some other crap like that.

I think you should judge the school on the merit of the programs they offer (as you stated) and don't worry about the colors unless it becomes too much for Ava to deal with. Hopefully, the school will be more diverse than it initially appear so be.