Thursday, August 4, 2011

Achilles Tendon bummmer!

Remember when I was saying my ankles were hurting? It all started that day I ran on the sidewalk :(, I kept referring to the area in question as my ankles, it wasnt until Jarred asked me to point out what exactly hurt. The I realized oh dear, my achilles! this can be a very, very painful, and stressful injury if it gets worse. I want to complete my second week of C25k, but I think it may be best to take a little break. Its a real bummer because  I had been doing so well and am so proud of my progress. I hope a few days off will be enough and by the weekend I will be able to run again without pain. I have to go out and stock up on ibuprofen, heat/ice packs, and some ankle braces. An official pair of running shoes are also in order. Heres to my healing!

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