Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Instant cool peice…..swimwear

So this is a swimsuit cover up I ordered from Macys. I wanted a “grown up” cover up and of course it needed to be fabulous. Its sheer but, thats just fine with me :)


Since these are Jamaica pics, I will share a little bit about the day I had this on. The beach pics were taken right before we did some very light snorkeling. We snorkeled right on the resort which was convenient but not anything to brag about. The water wasn’t super clear, but at least we seen some fish and the water was very warm. It wasn’t crowded at all which was also a plus.

The shark pic is from another day when we went on a Catamaran Cruise. It was taken at the legendary Margarittaville. These things deserve their own post, so I will discuss on another day.

Lastly, I am also testing out flickr. I finally got fed up with google picasa and am giving flickr a try. I hope I won’t be disappointed

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