Sunday, October 2, 2011

FOllow up on social media clean up

SO, Ive been thinking since my last post I am really gonna take my "clean up" seriously. Im considereing deleting most of my youtube videos for a few reasons:
1. Im not all that interesting, lol but seriously. I dont have that much to talk about or display. Neither do I have to time/desire to do nice editing and "perform". Its just not me. I;d rather focus on something that I really like to do
2.Ive decided that you shouldnt put anything on the internet you dont want EVERYONE to see. I dont know if I want my coworkers to stumble upon my hair videos, lol for many reasons. I dont even realy share my page with family. Its literally just my natural hair community :)
3. I sometimes think its a little creepy to not know whos watching you. I guess this goes with blogging and facebook too, but it seems super personal when you are making videos. I sometimes wonder if its just a bunch of weircdos out there watching videos for crazy reasons.....

Anyways, I plan on stepping my blog game up. I enjoy blogging a lot more than youtube so I think this is what I will stick yoo. As far as youtube, I will most likely take down the majority of my videos. I will continue to upload but it will be random stuff like gardening, vacation videos, and slideshows. Im kinda "camera shy" anyway lol

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