Friday, November 18, 2011


My macbook is back~! Well new actual laptop, but all my files are the same and nothing was lost thanks to Jarred. He backed everything up using time machine and a external hard drive….I think. I am now revisiting old blogging software to make my blogging easier. WHen I first got my macbook last year, I went crazy downloading and trying software. I never really found something I love. But, I also didn't take the time to really become familiar with all the programs had to offer. I am very inpatient and have high expectations when it comes to my gadgets. lol programs and devices sometimes don't even stand a chance within 2 minutes of us meeting.

Anyways, I am using Marsedit right now to blog and so far its ok. I am annoyed that I cant easily add multiple pictures simultaneously. But I will give it a shot! So far the best blogging program I have encountered is Blogsy, its made for iPad:) I hardly have any complaints about that one

ok, pic explanation… i just choose this one randomly. It was the day I cut Jks hair.

Toodles for now

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