Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holistic Health

Since practicing yoga and searching for a healthier lifestyle, I have almost become obsessed with learning how to deepen my practice and knowledge. I dream one day of being a yoga instructor and holistic health coach. Since I am a nurse, I naturally started my search on becoming a holistic practitioner with the I got a little discouraged there, because in order to obtain certification you must already be a practitioner. I know there isn't many jobs out yet sooooo.... Im not sure I will be able to go that route. But, I am a big believer in nursing entrepreneurs and alternative nursing careers so I won't give up yet. I also found this site This course cost about $4500 and requires four weekends thursday- sunday of training, I believe its based in NYC. The course I am most interested in is here this one is online, and provides enough hours to sit for certification. Its designed specifically for nurses. Cost is $5000.

With my new career goals, I just don't want to abandon being a nurse. After all, nursing was exactly what I wanted to do! But since making all of these lifestyle changes, I realize it only make since to incorporate them into a career if I can.

Another goal is taking a yoga teacher training course. Not just because I would like to be an instructor one day, but because I really want to know what I am doing lol. The cost is roughly $2500-3000 depending on where you go.

Decisions, decisions, I know anything is possible. I just have to decided what I want to do and how I would like to do it. Naturally, these ideas won't go into full affect until maybe 5-10 years from now :( But i do want to take either the nursing certification or yoga certification in the next couple years.

I have also been looking for yoga and holistic nursing/health conferences. I would love to attend one, this way I can meet people, and get information.

We will see what happens :)

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