Saturday, January 5, 2013

My first in person yoga class!

Finally I got the courage to go to an actual yoga class. My first class was free at Lululemon. I believe many locations hold free classes every Sunday. I bet everyone wants to know why I chose a free class. Well, it was because I met a teacher via twitter/instagram, she posted that she was teaching a free class. I was off the day of and the day after, so I decided to go for it.

My biggest fear of in person yoga, is embarrassment. With my GI issues I have tons of gas at all times lol. I was so afraid of letting lots of gas out during class. Suprisingly, I wasn't too bad. I kegeled and tightened my muscles during "vulnerable" postures and just kept it moving :)

Another reason I held off taking class was the "om factor". I couldn't imagine sitting in a room with strangers saying "om" I thought it would be weird lol. It was actually fine, not creepy or weird AT ALL. I accepted all two OMs and enjoyed them:)

The actual class was great, I think they called it sun salutes or something. We did a few sun salutations but thats not all we did. We transitionioned a lot but we also held poses for about 5 breaths at a time. I was able to recall all the poses and get into them with hardly any problems. The instructor did correct me during warrior pose. I had my knee way over my ankle and my back foot wasn't turned the right direction.

The actual instructor was a breath of fresh air. A fellow curly girl, with a soothing voice, and even a few jokes. She was refreshing, after class we chatted for a minute or so and she joked about inversions. She thought I would be bored with her class because of the lack of inversions. I assured her I was not bored at all.

I can say for sure now there's a huge difference between class and DVDs. I was able to follow and pay attention for the whole hour, my mind didnt wander, I kept up with the poses. I was able to just "BE" . My mind was able to shut down of my to do list, worries, concerns, and plans. Instead my mind was focused on breathing and flowing into the postures to suite my needs. I wasn't worried about how I looked or if I was photogenic while in downward dog. Lol

I just really enjoyed the moment :)


LaNeshe said...

That is so awesome! Good for you.

thetiffany said...

Thanks LaNeshe :)