Tuesday, July 27, 2010

YAY 6 followers!

Thanks Guys!!!! I knoow 6 isnt a lot, but i appreicate you all. I love reading everyones blog and looking at your beautiful hair. Im not all that interesting but i love that i can post and share my experiences with my hair.
currently, my hair is in 2strand twist. i roller set'd them last night and just did a barette in the front of my hair. it only took me about an hour to do probably 50 twist or so :)

I worked today 12a-12p and I am exhausted because i am not used to this shift. we have been super, super busy at work this summer and it kinda sucks. but at least its job security :)

i have some pics to upload of my little garden and my chicken flouritine i made a while back.

i know this is a very random post....maybe i am a little delirious from working this crazy shift lol.

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