Monday, July 26, 2010

"If you are black you need a weave or professional"

this is what i believed for almost all of my life! I started thinking about this again when i had dinner friday night with my best friends. One of them LC, has never even washed her own hair. She has always wore a press n curl, well she realxes too faithfully. LC sat at dinner with a fresh sewn in weave (that was beautiful) and just went on and on about her Remi hair and the "new japanese remi". while it looked nice i ws just so bothered by this. I hate the fact that we think that every other race has way more beautiful hair than us! its not true, we all have different hair and therefore our hair need different care than the other races.

i believed for so many years that black hair cant look nice if its not "done". Now i think its silly to get your "done" every 2 weeks. its nothing with having your hair look good, but why must i sit in a salon for 3-6 hours just to look good, or go spend almost $100 a pack for hair that isnt mine?.... jsut to look nice? thats crazy.

I am on a serious mission to raise my daughter to believe that she doesnt need all that to look pretty. i want her to know that black hair doesnt need weave or hours at the salon to look good. the only thing our hair needs is the same that other races hair needs. TLC. we hav to take care of our hair if we want it to look good. it grosses me out when my sister shows me her hair under her wig..... its dry, matted, and nappy (in a bad way). I keep telling her she has to take care of her hair. she tells me i am crazy for "dealing with my hair"

anywho, back on topic. i could go on and on. i just want my daughter and the people around me to get over the myth that all black hair is bad. sometimes my mother says "we as black people are cursed with our hair" she thinks that everyother race has better hair than us. but think about it, the other races dont leave weaves and braids in there hair for months without washing, condiotioning and moisturizing. they take care of thier hair... and thats all we need to do!

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perfection-goddess said...

i love this post..thank God! fanally some one is on the same page as me.. i totaly agree with your post.i love it, love it, love it......toodles!!!!!!!!!!!!