Wednesday, July 21, 2010


ive been kinda busy the past couple days... wwe got home from DC monday afternoon. i tried my KCCC for all of 2 minutes befor giving up. i just didnt feel like doing it, and then it not coming out right. i also had to work at 8 am the next day. anywho, i didn what i do best and put some twist in. i wasnt happy about. i hardly ever wear my twsit down cuz it just looks a mess.

i plan on attempting another twist out over the weekend, and eventually when i have a couple days off i will do a the KCCC again.

im a little diappointed that i havent picked up any new followers:( buti understand my blog is kinda boring now, lol. i started a CSJ on curlynikki but that hasnt gotten much attention yet either. i plan on submit my pics and story to different blogs to meet some new people. i am constanly seeking apporval for my hair and new style ideas.

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Loving Me ♥ said...

Hello, were here is your newest follower. As for KCCC I have a bottle that I used and tried just a few times. It actually didn't work for me or I didn't like how it turned out when I tried to use it. I may try it again one day. I absolutely loved it when I used it to do some twists. I understand your want for followers because I am the same and thanks for being my first follower..