Wednesday, July 14, 2010

target trip

ava and i just got back from our weekly target trip. jarred and jk were left home so we were frre to shop for our hair products, clothes, makeup, bath products all the girly stuff we enjoy, lol. i seen the Say yes to cucombers and a fee other popular products that i hear about such as, herbal hessence hello hydration, bed head, frizz ease, etc. its funny because before i decided to "go natural" i thought that only products in the "ethnic hair" aisle or products marketed towards black were good for my hair. i thought the other stuff wouldnt work because it wasnt made for "our hair". well another lesson learned.

anywho, i bought some suave conditioner, cantu pomade, cheap make up (eye shadow, mascara), hello hydration contioner. i was so close to getting yes to cumcombers but ijust bought stuff from KCCC so i will wait until i run out of something. heres a pic of the stuff i bought and my hair still in two stand twist its day 4! a record for me :) ugggghhh, im maxed out of space so i cant upload pics. i just paid for an upgrade but it takes up to 24hrs to process :( bologna!

it worked! here are the pics!

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