Saturday, July 31, 2010


MY evo has been non-functional all day. i cant begin to tell you how sad this makes me. my hubby the hacker has been wworking on it for hours. hopefully he can fix it :)

i wore my hair in twist all week and loved them, but my hiar is itchy and a little smelly so i will be washing it tonight. i am torn between what styles i wanna try. i really want to reexplore the KCCC, but its so time consuming and i will be pissed if it doesnt look right. besides i will most likely be doing my hair tonight so i need something that i can sleep on. i have also been thinking about a roller set. i dont have the proper dryer for this, all i have is a handheld. i may still give it a try. lastly, the easiest style... a twist out. i will probably end up doing this. oh yeah, i bought the giovanni direct leave in everyones raves about and i cant wait to use it!

well off to dinner, put the babes to sleep and then its hair time.....possibly followed by a little mommy/daddy time lol

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