Tuesday, July 6, 2010


the past 2 weeks or so, i have been trying to wear my hair * natural. i wanted to stop or at least slow down my press n curl regimen. the first week i wore twist while on vacation and the second week i did twist again but i used a roller set for a lovely curl. i loved both styles, but must admit i got kinda bored. with my boredom, i decided tp try a couple other styles. i liked them but i just couldnt muster up the courage to wear it out :( tonight i got really frustrated and jsut pressed my hair.it was a choice between twisting again or pressing. i just pressed it because it seemed easier and i know i wouldnt have a problem wearing it.

i have enjoyed my time trying to be natural. i have easily spent probably $120, countless hours, and took at least 200 pictures of my styles and attempted styles since i got interseted in this.i loved reading natural ladies blogs and looking at pictures but i just dont think i have to confidence or "swag" to pull these styles off.

i will probably attempted twist again because i really liked it and it was easy. i just need to learn to style them. while i was pressing my hair, i noticed i had tons of split ends and damage :( so now really isnt the time to go backwards, but hey i had to do it for my sanity


KiraNicole said...

Hey Lady...how long have you been natural? Are you still transitioning from relaxed to natural hair? Let me tell you, the transitioning process is extremely FRUSTRATING so I definitely feel your pain.

There's nothing wrong with a press n curl every now & then but as you know you really must be careful of that/ As naturalistas our hair craves MOISTURE so heat is definitely the enemy lol. When you constantly use a flat iron or hot comb you are essentially frying your hair. In addition too much heat can take away the natural texture of your hair. I generally press my hair in the colder months and even then I only do it MAYBE once a month.

Rocking natural hair definitely takes a certain amount of confidence and "swag" but you can do it boo!!!! Styling takes patience and PRACTICE. I'm still learning but loving every minute of it....be encouraged mama....YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

thetiffany said...

thanks!!!! i am feeling better but im sure i will have this feeling again. i plan on just keeping at it, i have been natural for 4 years now, thats when i had my last perm. over the years i just slowly cut the permed ends off. now that i dont have any relaxer, i am stuck with heat dameged ends! its not terrible but it gets annoying because everytime i twist i have to roller set the ends.

KiraNicole said...

Girl I can completely understand where you're coming from. As far as the heat damage is concerned. You may want to visit a haircare professional who can properly treat the damage. In the meantime I suggest looking through different blogs & natural websites for suggestions on how you can possibly repair the damage at home.

thetiffany said...

actually, im not to worried about the heat damage. when i transitioned i had loads of heat/relaxer damage and i was able to take care of it by just conditioning/moisturizing it.i did have to cut some of it off but i only did probably less thant 1/2 at a time. lol i really wanted to hold on to my length