Thursday, July 14, 2011

Google asking for Id?

Last year I paid for additional picture storage through google. It seems as if weeks after I received a fraudulent charge. I had to cancel my credit card. Fast forward to this year, I get an email asking if I want to renew my storage. Of course I do! But.... I click the link to renew and google is asking for a form of Id! They want me to upload a pic of a current driver license or passport. Apparently this is required because they tried to charge my card and it was declined because I canceled it. So here I sit at 1 am eating a cup of noodles trying to figure out what I am gonna do. I refuse to submit id to google. Lol


LaNeshe said...

That just seems kind of odd lol

thetiffany said...

yes it was very odd. like i said they aint getting no id from me lol

Shanita said...

LOL... very odd. You should ask them if you can confirm your identity by supplying your old account info. Google is out of control!