Sunday, July 10, 2011

Today's lunch break

It all started when I forgot my lunch that I had purposefully prepared last night for work today. Anyways, I travel to the cafeteria which I knew wouldn't go well. The options were buffalo wings, huge chicken thighs, pizza, and bogus Indian food. I was already nauseous so I just wanted to throw up. When I walked in. I cant really do meat with bones anymore because I find it gross, lol. I traveled outside to one of the many lunch trucks. I settled for a grilled chicken pita with honey mustard. While waiting for my lunch, it started pouring! I got a good laugh at everyone running for cover, lol. I made it back ti the cafe and ate my lunch with about 15 minutes to spare :) I chaotic with the fam via FaceTime and am now updating my blog. And they though I was taking 45 minutes? He'll no I need my hour! Lol

This was suppose to post Friday when I was actually at work lol

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