Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ohhh the trials of a loc journey.......

After a " bad hair day earlier in the week, I braided my hair up, did a few flat twist and loved my hair again. I was seriously considering taking the locs out earlier this week. They were just so frizzy and not laying down right. In also did a trial retwist with aloe ver gel and it didn't work out... I was discouraged.

Fast forward to tonight, I just washed my hair then added Shea moisture curl smoothie for a braid out. My hair had been feeling really coarse and roughy. I can't tell if it's dryness because it's not itchy and the ends feel soft. Hopefully I just needed a wash and my hair will be back to it's old self again. Check out how it looks like my hair is loose!

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Shanita said...

Cool! I wish I had the determination to go natural. My hair is really thing up the top so I have not choice but to stay away from the "creamy crack".

How does your hair look loose when its wet? What did you do to it?