Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ava's hair

I got this style from
I figured I'd give it a try on Ava's hair. Her hair had already been in a similar style so I thought I'd just keep up the trend. Of course the style had to be remixed to suit us, but it still came out cute. Quick, easy, cute, and Ava liked it too. I am trying to get her used to the idea that she doesn't need a head full of barrettes to look pretty. So far Its working because the other day she took all of her 3 barrettes out because she wanted to look like me :) anyways heres the style......,


Kandy said...

Omgosh, she is sooooooo adorable! and you Rocked the style! I'm so happy that you tried this style! Thanks for linking me, I love to see when other people remix it and make it their own.

thetiffany said...

Thanks so much!

Shanita said...

Very cute! And it looks cool too. I'm surprised Ava doesn't already have her own blog. LOL