Monday, July 18, 2011

How cool am I?

Lol but on a more serious note, let's admit I am pretty cool. There's so much to discuss I'm gonna have to make this post my outline
- fell off the bandwagon with many things: prayer, meditation, sit ups/ push ups
- mud run. Yeah I did it! Not the whole thing though.... Sad I know. I mistakingly took a short cut didn't realize it until I somehow got ahead of jarred and others who were actually running. But I'm inspired nonetheless. My sister says she wants to do a regular race with me and one of my brothers agreed. I looked up the breast ca run, it's in October and I'm sure I can be prepared by then
- my hair! Just retwisted today
- uggghhhhh I drove from Brooklyn to home. Anyone who's knows me knows that I don't do long drives, bridges, or toll booths, but I had to do it yesterday and I survived!

More details to come on everything mentioned. It's 1 am and I have to be up at 6. What am I doing? Lol

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Shanita said...

I can't imagine YOU driving through NY. What a sight to behold. I did some toll bridges this weekend too and thought of you. We are too funny. You can totally be ready for a 5K by Oct. I want to see CJ really do it. LOL