Sunday, July 3, 2011

Credit cards...... Smh

Today I went shopping with my sister. Macy's was having a sale and we wanted to take advantage. To get the best of the sale you need to use your Macy's charge. No problem we both have one. I get to the register and my card is declined! My card was declined because i was close to maxing it out. The cashier offered to call costumer service because i told her i had just paid my bill. Turns out, my payment was late. My options were to pay $35 on my bill and then i could charge what i wanted. I could have done that but then i would max my card out. I could have out the clothes back but, Out of shame and being spoiled, I paid cash for my clothes. I learned a lesson my husband has been telling me about for years. I always forget to pay my credit card bills, smh. So I end paying late fees and finance charges galore. It's crazy because I always have the money to pay it but I just forget. I have reminders in my phone and everything, I just ignore them and say I will do it later. I've decided to have my credit card payments sent from my bank. This is an easier option for me. I have to set up online bill payments every month so I use the program a lot. When I log in, I will see a list of all my bills and the date I last paid it. This will work wonders for me, my biggest problem is that I need everything in one place. Problem solved, now I just need to do it, lol

Anyways, did y'all know you can pay your macys bill right at the register? The cashier suggested this to my sister. Not only did my sister get the sale price, but she paid the amount she spent in the store immediately and now she doesn't have to worry about late fees or finance charges. Believe me I took notes, lol

Lastly, I got home and out of curiosity checked online to see the prices of what I brought. I paid $80 for a dress that was online for $55 and a shirt was $40 in the store but $25 online. It's easy to guess what I did, I ordered the exact same things online and got in the car and returned the in store purchases. Oh yeah, I got free shipping too :) many lessons learned today!


Kiki Rocks Kinks said...

Lol, sounds like we have a lot in common!

thetiffany said...

Lol I'm sure we aren't alone

Shanita said...

I love it!!!! I only shop when there's a sale and I'll avoid finance and late fees at all costs. But that's the "cheap ass" in me too. LOL